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[ET] new map --- Heart of Gold (beta 12) 
Friday, 28 July, 2006, 22:34 - Enemy Territory
Heart of Gold (beta 12) has been released!

12 betas seems like a lot but not all were public releases.
The creators of this map have stated that this is the last beta before final :)

Allies are searching for the “Heart of Gold”, a famous gold ingot stolen in
Paris. The Resistance informed the Allies that the Axis are keeping it in
“Boissaint”, a French village in the Alps waiting for reinforcement coming from Bergheim.

changes from the last public release:
-from Uchronic-
The Command Post:
It gives a spawn point to whatever team construct it (until the Gate has been destroyed).
At start, the axis command post is pre-constructed, and the axis own the cp spawn point. If the CP is destroyed, each team spawn at their default spawn point.

Once the Gate has been destroyed, the CP only offers a spawnpoint to the allie team. But the axis can gain an advantage over the allies by destroying it, and forcing them to spawn back in the garage.

Now that the Allies have the opportunity to spawn directly to the CP, the defense will be much more difficult for the axis...

Objective Area
You'll find less mines areas, a protection against FFE, and little details to improve this area.

Two versions of this map have been released.
1. normal
2. destructible truck

Normal version is on server now.
Download from - HERE -

note: i encountered textured issues UNTIL i removed ALL previous versions from etmain.

Heart of Gold (beta 8) was played on customs night 6
Customs nights history/info - HERE -

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[ET] new map --- Raw Castle (final) !! 
Tuesday, 25 July, 2006, 11:16 - Enemy Territory
It's here! Raw Castle has gone final! This map plays just as good as it looks... awesome!
Changes from beta 3 include:
• transmitter relocation
• graphics and script bug fixes
• graphics improvements including new textures
• disabled (or at least made harder) trickjump points
• etpro fireteam locations - by me =] -
- see readme for details -

On server now!
Raw Castle will be hosted for a public customs night soon.

customs night history/info - HERE -

Download - HERE -

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[ET] etpro v3.2.6 beta 1 
Tuesday, 25 July, 2006, 08:51 - Enemy Territory
A test version of the etpro mod v3.2.6 has been released. This version will include some nice fixes and functions.
• 2.60b support
• competition fueldump
• 6 new crosshairs
• rifle grenade bug fixes
• show who did team commands like pause, specinvite, readyteam
- plus much more coming!

Stay tuned! =]

note - i recommend you DO NOT install/setup this version YET.

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[SOF] OSP v1.1 released! 
Tuesday, 25 July, 2006, 08:45 - Soldier of Fortune
Well it's been a while but monk has re-emerged to continue his work with the OSP mod with the help of some new contributors. The last version was 1.0L

This latest see some cvars taken from Enemy Territory (these are server-side)
- add: osp_fixedhz <0|1> [default 1] serverside cvar. this will impliment 125hz fixed frequency to prevent framerate dependant physics for jumps, weapons etc
- add: insert osp_fixedhz into /settings and serverinfo. this will show up in a game browser (all seeing eye etc) as being enabled/disabled
- add: match_mutespecs <0|1> allow/prevents spectators from chatting during a match
- add: match_latejoin <0|1> prevents/allows players from joining a match
- add: cvars to control messing spamming of clients. These default to "0"
- g_msgs <n> Duration in seconds between messages sent to users
Setting g_msgs to 10 will spam a message to all clients every 10 seconds
- g_msg<n> <string> where x is a number. Messages will be displayed from lowest to higher (0-9)
- g_msgprefix <string> where string is a prefix. ie: set g_msgprefix "^1OSP ^2TEST ^3SERVER:"
- g_msgpos <n> position of messages
- <0> screen area
- <1> center screen
- <2> console

The update also includes security and minor bug fixes.

Download client and server packs - here -

As you can see from the download page, v1.2 and v2 are in progress!
I'll keep you posted =]

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[ET] info for my ET servers is complete! 
Saturday, 22 July, 2006, 05:32 - Enemy Territory
phew! after much tweaking, config and forum post editting ALL info regarding my ET servers in the forum is COMPLETE. :P

nedETPRO server
nedETPRO customs nights
nedET FritzBot


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[ET] customs night 13 info! 
Saturday, 22 July, 2006, 05:23 - Enemy Territory
Here we go!

Thursday 27-July-06
from 8:30pm

Arhabeach TE

- see below posts for map info -

Download Arhabeach TE - HERE -
Download Warbell - HERE -

customs night history/info - HERE -

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[ET] map script for Tram Fight (beta 2) 
Saturday, 22 July, 2006, 05:21 - Enemy Territory
I've installed mortis' latest map script that fixes a clipping exploit in Tram Fight (beta 2).

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[ET] new map --- Warbell 
Friday, 21 July, 2006, 23:28 - Enemy Territory
This come from the creator of The River 2 - Redux. There's been quite a bit of hype about this map... time for a look!

Axis are trying to mess in the occult again, and do real nasty things. Allied special forces took over the occult site in a raid. Now the Axis attack to get back control over the old Abbey and finally raise the evil Wargod. Allies are on the mission to save the world from this of course.

TIP - the 'Hidden Room' is in the Guardhouse near flag!

Download map from server or - HERE -

Warbell will be played on the next public customs night which will be announced soon.
Customs night info/history - HERE -

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[GTR] GTR2 demo released! 
Friday, 21 July, 2006, 23:03 - GTR
It's coming! GTR2 will be here soon!

A demo has been released...
The demo version gives you the chance to drive one of two FIA-GT class cars against up to 15 computer controlled opponents, at the Barcelona GP circuit.

Official website - HERE -

If you still enjoy a run with the original GTR (on Bathurst even!) then join us on my 6 car server.
Details - HERE -

There's nothing more frightening than a nerd with a high powered vehicle :O

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[ET] FritzBot v.70 mod 
Wednesday, 19 July, 2006, 13:30 - Enemy Territory
FritzBot v.70 mod is on the server, setup and now ready to play =)
Thanks to SnakeTails and TOG|Arkon>oB< for the initail testing!

details - HERE -

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