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[L4D] DeadCity (Campaign and Survival) update 
Friday, 9 October, 2009, 05:27 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
ilcannibal has updated both variants of his DeadCity maps to v11 Final.

DeadCity Campaign description and download info - here -
DeadCity Survival description and download info - here -

Both servers have been updated to v11
Server details - here -


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[L4D] Hunter Training map update 
Thursday, 8 October, 2009, 11:03 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
eyeonus has updated his Hunter Training map to version 2.8 which fixes a lag problem.

Full map description, details and download info - here -

Both servers have been updated to v2.8
Server details - here -


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[L4D] Left for Dead servers updated 
Thursday, 1 October, 2009, 11:37 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
Here's a list of the recent updates to my L4D servers.

Servers updated to - here -
A new campaign, "Crash Course", is now available for play in Campaign, Versus and Survival modes.

[map] DeadCity, vpk10 Final (Campaign & Versus)
[map] DeadCity, vpk10 Final (Survival)
[map] Hunter Training, v2.7 (Versus, training)
[map] Escape from Toronto: A New Nightmare, v5.1 (Camapign, Versus, Survival)
[map] Heaven Can Wait, Complete 7.5 (v8.0) (Campaign & Versus)

[map] Coal'd Blood, Complete 7.0 (v13.0) (Campaign & Versus)
request by TOG Drac
[map] Central Towers, Final 1.0 (survival)
request by TOG Koopz

Full details - here -

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[L4D2] Left 4 Dead 2 banned in Australia 
Monday, 28 September, 2009, 22:00 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
Well unless you have been living in a cave on Mars for the last month you would know by now that Left 4 Dead 2 had been Refused Classification in Australia. A game is required to have a classifcation to be allowed to be sold. Trouble is the highest rating in Australia is MA15+ and the censors are of the view that this game is beyond that rating. Because there is no R18+ available to them, L4D2 gets the RC tag and therefore not allowed to be sold in AUS.
Australia is the only country in the western world which does not have an R18+ rating.

Read this article for full details..
Why Left 4 Dead 2 Was Banned in Australia -

Valve has responded..
Valve has appealed the Left 4 Dead 2 ban - BigPond GameArena News

Some more links..

Outrage over 'gory' Zombie game ban - ABC News
Australian Government still silent on R18+ public consultation process - GameSpot News

R18+ Games Australia | Censorship in Australia | Films-Games-Books-TV-Internet
Thanks to TOG Unknown for these two links!


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[L4D] DeadCity updates 
Monday, 21 September, 2009, 11:39 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
ilcannibal has updated his Campaign, Versus and Survival DeadCity maps. v9 is on the both the main and test servers.

[map] DeadCity, vpk9 (Campaign & Versus)
[map] DeadCity, vpk9 (Survival)

Full servers details - here -

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[BF2] v1.50 patch includes Booster Packs FREE 
Monday, 21 September, 2009, 10:39 - Battlefield
Posted by ned
Battlefield 2 patch v1.50 is bundled with the Euro Force and Armored Fury Booster Packs - FREE! Besides that this is an impressive patch. See below for details and links. The 1.5 patch is about 2GB in size.

-Additional support for Windows Vista.
-Added Highway Tampa as a required map.
-Added a new map called Operation Blue Pearl.
-Added Euro Force and Armored Fury as free to play content for all Battlefield 2 players.
-Added Widescreen support
-Allowed BF2.exe to use more than 2Gb RAM
-Added support for the Novint Falcon controller (

-Changes made to both the J10 and F35B to make them more balanced
-AA targeting tweaked to make it more effective
-Added checks to prevent "runway grieving"
-Various changes made to prevent cheating
-Tweaked the hit detection, hits will be more accurate to the model
-Occasional connection drops after being on a server a couple of minutes - Fixed
-Prevented use of mouse wheel to provide speed boost to vehicles
-Prevented use of mouse wheel to exploit parachutes
-Players can now pass claymores by going prone
-Update the HUD on TV Guided missiles to increase visibility on maps like Dragon Valley
-Added Battlefield 2142 style prone deviation (going prone will now cause reduced accuracy for a brief period)

-Fixed the issue where picking up a players kit would cause CTD
-Updated BF2OpenAL.dll from version to version
-Updated ch_gas_station collision mesh on Dragon Valley to be consistent with other gas station buildings
-Fixed the issue where MEC artillery piece on Operation Clean Sweep changes to the USMC's control when they capture the Airfield flag
-Updated the Challenger2 HUD to show the correct icon instead of the M1A2 HUD icon
-Changed a PLA FAV to MEC FAV on Road to Jalalabad
-Tweaked the artillery respawn time on Dragon Valley for to 360 seconds as other artillery uses
-Included a delay after weapon switch for the Bizon (PP-19) to 0.666
-Updated the F35B's lock delay to 1 second instead of 1.5 seconds to match other aircraft
-Changed the Humvee camo on Taraba Quarry to be the correct design
-Increased the splash damage of the UH-60 (Black Hawk) guns from 0.25 to 1.5
-Updated the G36E HUD to react the same as other weapons during sprint

Euro Force sees the introduction of the all-new European Army in 3 new maps. Aside from new soldier models, the Euro Force army gets access to new weaponry and vehicles to take to the battlefield with.

3 New Maps
4 New vehicles
7 New Weapons
1 new award

Armored Fury brings all-out war to American soil for the first time. Battlefield 2: Armored Fury drops players into a deadly confrontation between the Middle Eastern Coalition, Chinese Army and U.S. forces following an attempted invasion of America.

3 New Maps
6 New vehicles
1 new award

Installation order.

Here's the install order to utilise the 1.50 patch.
(thanks to TOG Pahkiller!)

BF2 Special Forces (if you have it)
BF2 v1.41 patch
BF2 v1.50 patch

Battlefield 2 Patch v1.41 - link -
Battlefield 2 Patch v1.50 - link -
Battlefield 2: Euro Force info - link -
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury info - link -

As good as this patch is I still had to edit my Controls.con file to allow me to bind LEFT SHIFT to Crouch.

Currently none of my BF2 server are available. News of this soon.


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[L4D] servers updated 
Monday, 24 August, 2009, 13:14 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
edit: another update

My Left 4 Dead Servers have been updated with some new map releases! The Helms Deep map may now be at its final stage.

[map] DeadCity, vpk8a/vpk7 (Campaign, Versus & Survival)

-[map] Helms Deep, v4 (Survival)
-[map] Escape from Toronto: A New Nightmare, v3.6 (Camapign, Versus, Survival)
-[map] Night Terror, beta 2 (Campaign)
-[map] 7 Hours Later, final 3.0 (Camapign)

Full server details - here -

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[ET] Baserace Scoreboard mod 
Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 06:42 - Enemy Territory
Posted by ned
This mod adds a scoreboard to the Enemy Territory map Baserace by Cptn Triscuit.

The Score is Tied! 0
The Axis/Allies are ahead by 1! +1
The Axis/Allies are ahead by 2! +2
The Axis/Allies are ahead by 3! +3
The Axis/Allies are ahead by 4! +4
The Axis/Allies are ahead by 5! +5
The Axis/Allies have a commanding lead! >5

Baserace Scoreboard mod

(-download includes scoreboard mod-)

Installation is server dependent.
Default Installation is etmain.

Servers and clients,
place zz_baserace-scoreboard-ned.pk3 & baserace.pk3 into your etmain folder.
default location is C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain

Baserace overview

Its a race, to build your base! Steal Construction Materials from your enemy's base and secure them at the various 'Capture Pads' located in your team's base. Different capture pads correspond to different base constructions and upgrades. Capture Pads can be used multiple times to upgrade constructions. Additionally, constructions can be 'synergized' by completing combinations of other constructions. The first team to complete 40 constructions or have the most completed when the timer runs out wins!


The original author of the scoreboard mod was RayBan for CTF Face (beta 1). - CTF Face (beta 1)

RayBan's scoreboard was adapted to Baserace by Daniel&Roland - Baserace Final scoreboard

This adaptaion was further editted to make the "commanding lead" image to show a 'greater than' symbol.
unpacked/packed by me, image edit by TOG DirtySnachez

This info is linked in "neds gaming goodies"

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[L4D] Left 4 Dead servers are go! 
Wednesday, 12 August, 2009, 05:37 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I have two Left 4 Dead servers. One runs 24/7 and one is a test server that runs on demand. The test server contains all the content of the main one plus various custom content for testing/playing.


-banner by TOG DirtySnachez-

My semi-private Left 4 Dead server is mainly used for Steam Achievement play. Attaining the various achievements can be a lot of fun and encourgaes a variety of ways to play the game. Besides this it can be used for just playing; Campaign, Survival or Versus mode.

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) - ENABLED
Non-pure clients kicked - ENABLED
File consistancy checks - ENABLED
Auto Kick - DISABLED

sv_search_key set for semi-private use

ALL gameplay server cvars are set to their defaults.

[plugin] Achievement Notifier by Fexii, modded by ZNemesis
[map] Dead Line (campaign & Versus)
[map] Death Aboard, beta 6.1 (campaign & Versus)
[map] DeadCity, vpk5 (Campaign & Survival)
[map] Hunter Training, v2.6 (Versus, training)
[map] Dead Meat, (l4d_abattoir) rc1 (Survival)
[map] Jungle Crisis, v1.2 (survival)
*Clients require the maps to play*



runs on demand
same base config as main
test server has ALL the custom content the main one has plus more
-[plugin] Director Controller v1.4.5
-[map] Helms Deep, v3 (Survival)
---turn off music in options else hear both tank and LOTR music!
---Blow the horn on top of tower to start!

-[map] Bedrooms 3: Bite Size, v1.0 (Survival)
-[map] Night Terror, beta 1 (Campaign)
-[map] Heaven Can Wait, v8.0 06-Aug-09 (Campaign)

*Clients require the maps to play*

"contact me if you would like any custom content on the server to test"

Thanks to TOG Unknown for steering me in the right direction regarding Source Dedicated Servers!

Server status and latest info is recorded - here -

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[ET] FritzBot mod news 
Tuesday, 4 August, 2009, 09:31 - Enemy Territory
Posted by ned
Just a quick note for now,

-ET FritzBot waypoint pack 3 is being released soon thanks to TomTom
-pre-release testing of this pack hosted by me, all welcome!

potential maps for test night mapcycle
Gold Rush Europe (beta 2)
Seawall Battery Europe (beta 2)
Fuel Dump Europe (beta 2)
Crevasse (beta 3)
Special Delivery TE
Rail Gun
Rail Gun Europe (beta 2)
SW Goldrush TE

Darji 2
Intelligence Center (beta 2)
Breakout 2 (1.4.0)
Desert Temple
ET UFO (Foo Fighter - ET Edition)

CAHA: Tavern (beta 2)
dm_hill (beta 2)
MP Bridge
Supply Depot (Night-pro)
Valhalla TE
Tournement DM 2
Breakout 2 (1.4.0)

Streets of Italy (fp2)
Bloody Omaha (beta 2)
Battle of Wolken 6 (beta 1)
Falkenstein (beta 1)
V1Rocket (beta 2)

The Port (beta 1)
Praetoria-Mission One
North Pole


full details soon,
stay tuned!

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