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Attention mappers and modders... 
Hello custom mappers and modders!

Are you looking for playtesters?
Do you need a server for private and/or public test nights?
Do you need a place to host your work?

For many games (mainly FPS) I might be able to help you :)

I've Hosted private and public beta testing nights for various custom maps for a wide variety of games. I've also been invloved with playtesting mods. Testing can include searching for exploits, searching for texture errors, analysing balance and much more and/or whatever you want as the developer. I can help solo or organise mature playtesting groups. I can also be the one to set up the server(s) and downloading options for testing.

If interested, contact me. This can be done in a few ways:

- via this blog (Contact Ned)
- PM me (Ned) at - link -

I respond to EVERY request even if it's a no so if you don't hear from me try a different contact method.

Game On!