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[VC] full HradBa anti-cheat details now on this site 
Monday, 9 March, 2009, 11:09 - Vietcong
Posted by ned
HradBa is the anti-cheat system used for the Vietcong game. It's no longer being developed and the master servers are no longer active so the latest version of this system is becoming harder to get. To get the latest version you have to either join a server with it installed and enabled or download it from this site.

Full HradBa detail are in the - Info, Links and Downloads - section.

Included is:
-HradBa, what is it?
-HradBa readme file, kick codes and false-positives list
-HradBa v206 download
-Behind the Scenes in the Making of HradBa
-Links to Auscong, United Admins Limited, official game site and Pterodon

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