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[L4D] server update.. 
Monday, 6 June, 2011, 07:28 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
The latest official campaign The Sacrifice has been crashing between 1st and 2nd chapters and the Tank wasn't showing up correctly in Chapter One. Looks like this was caused by the Coal'd Blood Campaign. Thanks to Keldorn for this information. I've removed this campaign from the main server. If it's ever updated with a fix or I find a way to have it on the server without causing issues to The Sacrifice then I'll add it back.

Keldorn has been busy. Precinct 84 has been updated to v9.1
- Finale difficulty ramped up but not in a way that will make it irritating.
- Tank cheese strategy where you can ignore the tank and collect gas safely is now fixed/countered by spawning common infected every time you collect gas.
- Glitch fixed where the police car can still be activated if someone is incapacitated inside the police station. This would cause the finale to break.
- Removed the ladder off the army truck with the minigun. Simply jumping on the truck is faster.
- Optimization: Added Ragdoll fader to finale area. This will improve the framerate by ridding of ragdolls quickly.
- Added 3 more songs, Portal Still Alive, All I want for Christmas, Re Your Brains to the Nightclub. (For now a total of 5 random songs)
-Changed the Circuit breaker model in map 3 in the tunnel to the breaker from HL2. Since the other model is deeply associated with panic events. Which is not the purpose of the breaker.

Precinct 84 v9.1 is now installed on Main Server.
Coal'd Blood can be played on the Test Server on request.

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